Victoria Guthrie, writer and editor.

What does a copywriter do?

This is a question many people ask, along with ‘Can a copywriter bring me more customers?’ and ‘Why should I hire a copywriter?’ which I’ll go into in other blog posts. Here is my breakdown of exactly what a copywriter does in less than 250 words.

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The ‘C’ word: Conversion

Understanding what a conversion is (and how to get one) is an important element of any business. This relatively simple concept is a huge part of most, if not all, businesses. Here we look at what a conversion is and why they are so important.

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Short and Sweet: The Key to Attention-Grabbing Copy

When writing for the web it is important to keep your copy relatively short. By writing short, succinct copy you can maximise the amount of SEO rich keywords words. This blog post will provide some key points to bear in mind when writing copy for the web.

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